We can provide our customers with qualified replacement of tyres incl. wheel disks, inner tubes, tyre valves, inflation of tyres, their balancing and ecological disposal of old tyres. We can advise you on selection of the type and brand of new tyres and provide their delivery for internet prices.


  • repairs of tyres
  • replacement of inner tubes
  • replacement of tyres incl. their balancing and installation on the vehicle
  • inflation of tyres
  • ecological disposal of old tyres
  • optional seasonal storage of summer/winter tyres incl. their maintenance and washing
  • sale of new tyres (upon your order)
  • supplementary retail

Service vehicle interventions

  • fully equipped service car Ford Transit available
  • arrival to the broken car within any distance

Modern customer centre

  • newly build customer centre available to our customers
  • LCD TV, Wi-Fi, coffee or tea, comfortable sitting
  • children’s corner

More info

+420 547 422 133
mobile phone:
+420 777 743 503 , +420 775 743 549

Opening hours: Mo–Fr 7.00–17.00

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