CARAVAN / TRAILER service and parking



  • perennial parking of caravans in closed business object
  • 24 hr. Access to the vehicle
  • parking is non-stop monitored by CCTV, the object in the care of the security agency


  • service caravans (engines, brakes, tires, body and paint work, etc..)
  • service interior hinterland own joinery workshop
  • repairs and modifications of electrical systems, including installation of additional batteries, TV, SAT, etc.
  • service and inspection of gas and electrical appliances (heating, refrigerator, water heater)
  • service water and waste system


  • inspection and service fluids
  • check the tires and light
  • addition of water to the tank, and water chemistry in WC
  • check the functionality of systems (pumps, heating)
  • sale and exchange of propane-butane and propane bottles
  • cleaning, washing, cleaning and wet cleaning of the interior
  • draining waste water, toilet and disinfection
  • charging batteries on board

More info

+420 547 422 133
mobile phone:
+420 777 743 503 , +420 775 743 549

Opening hours: Mo–Fr 7.00–17.00

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